Footfall Intelligence Solution

People counting software (footfall intelligence) solution combined with heat map tracking, MAG (Mood, Age, Gender) analysis, cloud based data analytics and reporting.


Measuring visitor numbers is the key to analyzing shopper behavior and turning browsers into buyers. All web shops measure visitor numbers; surprisingly, many businesses in the high-street neglect to collect this statistic. What would they discover if they made measuring footfall a priority?

  • The impact of an advertising campaign
    • Did visitor numbers increase during the campaign?
    • Did sales increase proportionally?
    • Were visitor numbers sustained post-campaign?
    • We’re marketing efforts successful in driving prospects. Without people coming into the store there is no opportunity for sales conversion
    • Set visitor and sales conversion targets against which to measure marketing success.
  • Optimum opening hours
    • Understand visitor numbers by the half-hour (for example) and the day of the week. Do more people shop at one end of the day?
    • When you change opening hours, compare results over the entire day. Do new hours bring in new customers, or just spread out existing ones.
  • Sales Conversion
    • Sales conversion = visits to the till / visitors
    • Calculate sales conversion by the hour, half-hour or every 15 minutes to see peaks and troughs
    • Find what proportions of people don’t make a purchase and take steps to convert these into buyers. Would more staff convert more browsers to buyers? Or perhaps improving the store layout would help
  • Queue management

    Do you know how many people leave because the queues were too long? A good people counting system will help you find out.

  • Efficient Staff Allocation

    Monitor visitors hourly for optimum staff scheduling – allocate more staff exactly when they are needed. You can’t do this just by sales figures – how many sales were lost because a staff member wasn’t available to close the sale?

  • Identify long-term business trends

    A modest investment in people counting gives great benefits. You will be able to measure:

    Whether your advertising is working:

    • Your sales conversion rate
    • How many staff you need
    • How long are your queues
    • Your current occupancy
    • How long people stand at your displays
    • The path people take

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