Guest Management And Restaurant Table Management Solutions

Customer pagers and Table location systems.

Notify customers when their order is ready to be picked up using customer pagers.

Deliver customer’s order directly to the table where they are seated, using table locator solutions. Table location system helps fast casual restaurants identify where guests are sitting so they can deliver food faster. With analytics and reporting, businesses can measure delivery times and pin-point areas to improve operation and performance.

Efficiently manage guest waitlist with the help of guest management solutions. Let guests choose how they’re informed with the only pager or mobile phone notification system.

Our solutions help businesses streamline operations and focus on what really matters — the guest. Bring peace of mind to your organization and let customers know they come first.

  • Sales Conversion
    • Reduce Noise
    • Improve Guest Flow
    • Increase Profits

    Notify guests when their table or order is ready, with a flash, beep or vibration. No more noisy overhead systems or spending time searching for waiting guests! CustomerCall creates a physical tie to the restaurant, industry proven to result in fewer walk-aways. Customers will be seated more quickly, receiving a smoother, more customer friendly service.

Waiter Calling Solution

Customers can summon for the waiter from their table by clicking on the wireless button placed on their table. Waiter will receive a call from the wireless button,  on the waiter watch or the display screen that we provide.


Radius Table Service Solution 

Table Service helps restaurants locate customers for order delivery and engagement. Our innovative, frictionless, and seamless integration enables restaurants to increase sales and throughput, personalize the customer experience, and improve staff efficiency.

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